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Bexhill College »
Turkey Rd, Bexhill, Bexhill
Male, U19
Bexhill Town Youth »
The Polegrove, Brockley Road, Bexhill
Male, Female, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9
Bexhill Youth »
Brockley Road, Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex
Male, Female, U13, U12, U10, U8, U7
Bexley (Youth) [Kent Parent] »
Lesley Close, Bexley, Greater London
Male, U15, U14, U13
Bexleyheath Sports (Youth) »
Park View Road, Welling
Male, U12
Bursted Invicta (Youth) »
Halcot Avenue, Bexleyheath, London
Male, U14
Canterbury Youth »
Male, Female, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9
Colyer Colts »
Male, Female, U14, U13, U10, U9, U8, U7
Corinthian »
Gay Dawn Farm, Fawkham, Longfield
Male, U21, U18, U16, U15, U14
Cranbrook Town Juniors »
Jockey Lane, Cranbrook, Kent
Male, Female, U15, U13, U11, U8
Dartford F.C. (Fa) »
Grassbanks, Dartford, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U8, U7
Dartford Junior (Youth) [Kent Parent] »
Green Street Green Road, Dartford, Kent
Male, U15
Dartford Vipers »
High Street, Dartford, Kent
Male, U17
Dartford Ymca »
St Edmunds Road, Dartford, Kent
Male, Female, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8
Deal Town »
St Leonards Road, Deal, Kent
Male, U18
Deal Town Rangers Girls »
Female, U13, U11
Deanview 95 »
Darland Avenue, Gillingham, Kent
Male, U18, U16, U14
Doddington Village »
Swanstree Ave, Sittingbourne, Kent
Male, Female, U13, U11, U10, U8
Duinrell »
Male, U18
Dynamo United »
Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent
Male, Female, U15, U14, U12, U10, U9, U8, U7
Easteners »
Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent
Male, U17, U15, U13, U12
Ebbsfleet United Fc Ltd »
Stonebridge Road, Northfleet, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Erith & Belvedere »
Park View Road, Welling, Kent
Male, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13
Fleetdown United »
Heath Lane (Lower), Dartford, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U17, U16, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Folkestone Cantera Youth »
Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent
Male, Female, U16, U14, U13, U8
Folkestone Invicta Youth »
Male, Female, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8
Football Is Fun (Youth) »
Sherwood Pk Ave, Blackfen, Bexley
Male, Female, U8
Footscray Lions Junior (Youth) »
Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup, London
Male, Female, U18, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Gillingham Centre Of Excellence »
Gore Court Road, Sittingbourne, Kent
Male, Female, U16, U14, U12, U10
Gillingham Fc »
Krbs Priestfield Stadium, Redfern Avenue, Gillingham
Male, U16, U13
Glenco »
Male, Female, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9
Glenco Girls »
Mill Lane, Hooe, East Sussex
Female, U18, U15
Grasshoppers Athletic (Youth) »
Bourne Rd, Bexley, Greater London
Male, U17, U13
Guru Nanak Youth »
Khalsa Avenue, Off Trinity Road, Gravesend
Male, Female, U18, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10
Halls Afc »
Old Bexley Lane, Bexley, Greater London
Male, Female, U10, U9, U8, U7
Hastings Gunners »
Darwell Close, St. Leonards On Sea, East Sussex
Male, U16, U13
Hastings Rangers Youth »
Male, Female, U18, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U7
Hastings Town Minors Youth »
Bexhill Road, St Leonards On Sea, East Sussex
Male, U15, U14, U13, U12
Hastings Town Youth 2000 »
Bohemia Road, Hastings, East Sussex
Male, Female, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Hastings United Hawks »
Harrow Lane, St Leonards, East Sussex
Female, U13, U12
Hastings United Youth »
Male, Female, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Headcorn Juniors »
Grigg Lane, Headcorn, Ashford
Male, Female, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10
Herne Bay Harriers Youth »
School Lane, Herne Bay, Kent
Male, Female, U17, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U7
Herne Bay Youth »
Bullockstone Road, Herne Bay, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Hildenborough Junior »
Darenth Ave, Tonbridge, Kent
Male, U18, U14
Holtwood Rangers Colts »
Kilnbarn Road, Ditton, Aylesford
Male, Female, U14, U11, U10
Horsted Youth »
Marlborough Road, Gillingham, Kent
Male, Female, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10
Iwade Herons »
Male, Female, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U8
James Kelly Elite Football (Youth) »
Sevenoaks Way, Kent
Male, Female, U10
Kingfisher Junior (Youth) »
Bourne Road, Crayford, Kent
Male, Female, U17, U14, U13, U11, U10, U9
Langton Green Sports Club »
Speldhurst Road, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells
Male, Female, U18, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Loose Lions »
Armstrong Road, Maidstone, Kent
Male, U13, U11
Lordswood »
Male, U14
Maresfield Dynamo Junior »
High Street, Maresfield, East Sussex
Male, Female, U11, U10, U9, U8
Margate Youth »
Dane Road, Margate, Kent
Male, Female, U15, U14, U13, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Meridian Girls »
Churchill Avenue, Chatham, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10
Monkton Youth »
St Mildreds Road, Minster, Ramsgate
Male, Female, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9
Northumberland Heath (Youth) »
Community Sports Centre, Ramsden Road, Erith
Male, Female, U15, U9
Oak Athletic »
Gore Court Road, Sittingbourne, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Orpington »
Oxford Road, Sidcup, Kent
Male, Female, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Parkwood Jupitors »
Briching Lane, Parkwood, Maidstone
Male, Female, U11, U9
Parkwood Rangers (Youth) »
Old Bexley Lane, Bexley, Greater London
Male, Female, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Phoenix Sports Club (Youth) »
Mayplace Road, Bexleyheath, Greater London
Male, Female, U18, U17, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U7
Rainham Kenilworth Youth »
Male, Female, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Ramsgate Youth »
Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs, Kent
Male, Female, U16, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Real Gima »
Pelham Road, Gravesend, Kent
Male, Female, U17, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8
Red Arrow Youth »
Broadstairs Road, Broadstairs, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U16, U15, U14, U13, U10
Ridgewaye Girls »
Yew Tree Road, Southborough, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U13, U12, U10
Riverhead Angels »
Chipstead Lane, Riverhead, Kent
Male, U13, U12
Roseacre Raiders »
Broughton Lane, Loose, Maidstone
Male, Female, U18, U15, U14, U13, U12, U10, U7
Roselands »
New Wharf Road, Tonbridge, Kent
Male, U18, U16, U15
Russell Park Rangers »
Avenue Road, Erith, London
Male, U18, U17, U15
Saint Jfc (Youth) »
Elsa Road, Welling, London
Male, U15
Sittingbourne F.C. (Fa) »
Central Park, Church Rd Eurolink Estate, Sittingbourne
Male, U18, U14
Spartan »
Harrow Lane, St Leonards, East Sussex
Male, U14, U13
St. More Juniors (Youth) »
Sussex Road, Northumberland Heath, Erith
Male, Female, U15, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8
Strood 87 »
Male, Female, U14, U11, U10
Strood United »
Cedar Road, Strood, Kent
Male, Female, U9, U8
Tda »
Stirling Way, Ramsgate, Kent
Male, Female, U10
Teynham Gunners »
Frognall Lane, Teynham, Kent
Male, Female, U18, U11, U10, U9, U8
Thamesview Youth »
Chilham Road, Gillingham, Kent
Male, Female, U16, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
Thanet Colts »
George V Avenue, Margate, Kent
Male, Female, U16, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8
Thanet Galaxy Pan Disability Fc »
Chatham Street, Ramsgate, Kent
Male, U16, U13
Tonbridge Angels Fc (Fa) »
Longmead Stadium, Darenth Avenue, Tonbridge
Male, U18
Tunbridge Wells Youth »
Culverden Down, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Male, U16, U14, U13
Vickers Crayford Dartford Athletic »
Oakwood, Old Rd, Crayford
Male, Female, U18, U17, U16, U15, U14, U13, U11, U9
Vinters Green »
Huntsman Lane, Maidstone, Kent
Male, Female, U14, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8
Walmer Rovers »
Male, U17
West St Leonards Youth »
Harley Shute Road, St Leonards On Sea, East Sussex
Male, U11
Westfield Youth »
Male, Female, U16, U15, U14, U13, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7
White Cliffs Rangers »
Elms Vale Road, Dover, Kent
Male, U18
Wickham Lane Wanderers Jfc (Youth) »
Male, Female, U17, U14, U11
Wilmington Youth Fc »
Male, U15
Woodchurch Wanderers »
Ashford, Kent
Male, U15

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Football News

» Liverpool 'have a lot to learn'
Steven Gerrard admits Liverpool must improve to progress in the Champions League after his late penalty saw off Ludogorets.
» Wenger urges patience over Welbeck
Boss Arsene Wenger says Arsenal must "be patient" with Danny Welbeck after his costly miss at Borussia Dortmund.
» Real Madrid 5-1 FC Basel
Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo score as Real Madrid begin their Champions League defence with a 5-1 win.
» Liverpool 2-1 Ludogorets Razgrad
An injury-time Steven Gerrard penalty gives Liverpool victory over Ludogorets after Mario Balotelli scores his first goal for the club.
» Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Arsenal
Arsenal make a losing start to their Champions League campaign as Borussia Dortmund secure a deserved victory.
» FA seeks 50% cut in non-EU players
The Football Association sends out draft proposals to cut the number of non-EU players in English football by up to a half.
» Montenegro Women v England Women (Weds)
England coach Mark Sampson wants his unbeaten side to be "ruthless and clinical" in their final World Cup qualifier.
» Wales seek win for play-off place
Wales need to beat Ukraine on Wednesday and hope Finland lose to secure a World Cup 2015 play-off place.
» Goal-hungry Scots give Fay hope
Gemma Fay reckons Scotland women's 9-0 demolition of the Faroe Islands has set them up perfectly for facing Sweden.
» Hazard set to sign new Chelsea deal
Chelsea forward Eden Hazard could sign a new long-term contract within a month, manager Jose Mourinho reveals.
» Rangers 1-0 Inverness CT
Rangers set up a Scottish League Cup third round meeting with Falkirk after earning a 1-0 win over Inverness Caledonian Thistle.
» Cardiff City 0-1 Middlesbrough
Kike's early winner for Middlesbrough adds to the pressure on Cardiff City boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
» Brentford 0-3 Norwich City
Cameron Jerome scores a second-half brace as Norwich moved to the top of the Championship with a 3-0 win at Brentford.
» Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Rotherham United
Joe Mason scores a 24-minute hat-trick to propel Bolton to their first league win of the season against Rotherham.
» Notts County 1-1 Leyton Orient
Leyton Orient boss Russell Slade is clinging to his job despite seeing his side dominate a lively draw at Notts County.
» Colchester United 2-3 Sheffield United
Sheffield United come from 2-0 down with 13 minutes to play to record a dramatic victory over Colchester.
» Bayern Munich v Manchester City
Preview followed by live coverage of Wednesday's Champions League game between Bayern Munich and Manchester City.
» Chelsea v FC Schalke 04
Preview followed by live coverage of Wednesday's Champions League game between Chelsea and FC Schalke 04.
» Rizvi introduced Rangers investors
Fans group calls for Sandy Easdale's removal after meeting with Rafat Rizvi, who has been introducing investors to Rangers.
» Hampden ideal 2020 stage - Ferguson
Hampden's record of staging European finals makes it an ideal 2020 European Championships venue, argues Sir Alex Ferguson.
» Oyston 'supports' Riga after meeting
Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston says he will give manager Jose Riga "the support he needs" after a "productive" meeting.
» VIDEO: Time for Man City to deliver - Neville
BBC Sport's Dan Walker is joined by former Manchester United defender Phil Neville and ex-Arsenal striker John Hartson as they look ahead to Wednesday's Champions League matches.
» AUDIO: Reds a work in progress - Rodgers
Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is delighted his side won their opening Champions League fixture, a 2-1 victory over Bulgarian champions Ludogorets Razgrad.
» AUDIO: Wenger disappointed by Gunners
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says his side did not perform at the required level after losing their opening Champions League match 2-0 against Borussia Dortmund.
» VIDEO: Burnley the Premier League anomaly
With local owners, British players and a careful approach to transfers Burnley are an anomaly in the Premier League.
» VIDEO: Wenger tips Spanish & German teams
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has singled out German and Spanish teams as the main contenders for this season's Champions League.
» VIDEO: Highlights - Celtic 2-1 Aberdeen
Celtic hold off a fight-back from Aberdeen to earn all three points in the Scottish Premiership match in Glasgow.
» VIDEO: Highlights - Partick Thistle 3-1 Inverness CT
Partick Thistle puts an end to Inverness Caledonian Thistle's unbeaten run in some style in the Scottish Premiership match at Firhill.
» VIDEO: Highlights - Dundee United 2-2 Hamilton
Hamilton Academical move top of the Scottish Premiership after a draw with hosts Dundee United.
» VIDEO: Highlights - Ross County 1-2 Motherwell
Motherwell return to winning ways with a couple of special second-half goals against hosts Ross County.
» VIDEO: Best football anthems - voted by you
Find out which football matchday songs make the 'Top Of The Kop' charts, as voted for by BBC Sport users.
» VIDEO: Hazard can get even better - Mourinho
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho confirms the club are in talks with Eden Hazard over a contract extension and feels he could develop into one of the best players in the world.
» VIDEO: Leicester City 'could be enormous'
Leicester City has been revitalised by their owners since 2010 but have they laid the foundations for success in the Premier League?
» VIDEO: MOTD3: Man Utd still have work to do
Mark Chapman is joined by Jermaine Jenas and Mark Lawrenson as they look back on Manchester United's 4-0 win over QPR.
» VIDEO: West Ham character pleases Allardyce
West Ham boss Sam Allardyce praises the character of his side after they twice come from a goal down to claim a 2-2 draw against Hull at the KC Stadium.
» VIDEO: Bruce disappointed by equaliser
Hull City boss Steve Bruce believes a draw was a fair result after his side played out an entertaining 2-2 draw with West Ham at the KC Stadium.
» VIDEO: Hull duo on Zlatan, golf & Strictly
Hull City team-mates Michael Dawson and Jake Livermore reveal all in a Mr & Mr game for BBC Sport's Football Focus.
» VIDEO: 'Writing's on the wall for Pardew'
Match of the Day 2 Extra's Mark Chapman and pundits discuss Newcastle's "appalling" and "abject" 4-0 defeat against Southampton in the Premier League, and feel the "writing is on the wall" for Alan Pardew's future as manager.
» Sport autobiographies - best quotes
Following Rio Ferdinand's criticism of David Moyes in his new book, BBC Sport looks at famous quotes from autobiographies.
» Wales set for biggest game - Fishlock
Wales captain Jess Fishlock on must-win World Cup qualifiers, pre-match selfies and chasing domestic glory.
» Massive night for Scots in Sweden
Scotland's women travel to Sweden knowing a 3-1 win will secure them a spot at the World Cup for the first time.
» How Man Utd's diamond suits Di Maria
MOTD2 analysis on how Manchester United’s formation against QPR was the perfect fit for record signing Angel Di Maria.
» From Fellaini to Falcao: Man Utd's fortunes revived
During a 4-0 thrashing of QPR, Manchester United discover what difference a year and £126m can make.
» Transfer deals - September 2014
Track all the latest signings day by day throughout September in England, Scotland and across Europe.
» Manager ins and outs - September 2014
Track the managerial ins and outs and a list of every boss in the top five leagues in England and the Scottish Premiership.
» A guide to Celtic's rivals, Salzburg
BBC Scotland's Kenny Crawford highlights five facts about Celtic's Europa League opponents, Red Bull Salzburg.
» Solskjaer takes blame for poor form
Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says Cardiff's results should be better under him after their 1-0 home defeat by Middlesbrough.
» Derry hammer Drogs to make FAI semis
Rory Patterson bags a hat-trick as Derry City thump Drogheda United 5-0 in the FAI Cup quarter-final replay at the Brandywell.
» 'Reds back where they once belonged'
After five years of "pain", five-time winners Liverpool relish a victorious return to the Champions League.

Other sport news:

» Martin Crowe reveals cancer relapse
Former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe, who overcame lymphoma last year, says the cancer has returned.
» Trott ready to resume England career
Warwickshire's Jonathan Trott believes he is ready to resume his England career, 10 months after he quit the Ashes tour.
» Cobb leaves Leics for Northants
Northants sign Leicestershire one-day captain Josh Cobb on a two-year deal with the option of a further year.
» Hildreth puts pressure on Middlesex
James Hildreth makes 182 as Somerset pile up 523-9 declared before reducing Middlesex to 64-7 on day two at Taunton.
» Taylor & Libby hit tons for Notts
Centuries by James Taylor and Championship debutant Jake Libby help Notts make a solid reply against Sussex.
» Durham pair dominate Northants
Scott Borthwick and Paul Collingwood hit tons as Durham took charge against Northants on day two at Chester-le-Street.
» Leicestershire fold after Foster ton
Essex skipper James Foster hits 132 as they beat Leicestershire by an innings and 79 runs in two days at Grace Road.
» Vince fights back after Kent spree
James Vince makes an unbeaten 64 as Hampshire close on 127-3, replying to Kent's massive first innings total of 507.
» Injured Clarke out of Pakistan ODIs
Australia will be without captain Michael Clarke for their three one-day internationals against Pakistan in the UAE.
» Kieswetter pledges to stay on attack
England's Craig Kieswetter says he will not change his aggressive style of play after returning from a horrific facial injury.
» Warwickshire name Chopra as skipper
Warwickshire appoint Varun Chopra as their new county captain following Jim Troughton's retirement.
» Extra pace key to progress - Woakes
Warwickshire seamer Chris Woakes says finding extra pace was key to getting his central contract with England.
» Moeen desperate for 2015 Worcs place
England all-rounder Moeen Ali says he is desperate to play for newly-promoted Worcestershire in 2015.
» Smith extends Hampshire contract
Hampshire all-rounder Will Smith extends his contract with the club until the end of the 2017 season.
» Mommsen named skipper for Scots tour
Preston Mommsen will captain Scotland as they tour Australia and New Zealand in preparation for the cricket World Cup.
» Gale wants extended Gillespie stay
Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale believes coach Jason Gillespie wants to "build a legacy" of success with the county.
» Wakely named new Northants skipper
Alex Wakely will replace Stephen Peters as Northants captain in the County Championship next season.
» Cusack in Ireland training squad
Pace bowler Alex Cusack is included in Ireland's 18-man squad for their training camp in Australia and New Zealand.
» India floods hit cricket bat supply
Indian cricket bat supplies at risk after Kashmir floods wash away the willow needed to make them.
» Rees: Right time to leave Glamorgan
Glamorgan's Gareth Rees says he has decided to retire from the first-class game after a lack of opportunities this season.
» AUDIO: Yorkshire's title-winning moment
Listen to the moment Ryan Sidebottom takes the wicket of James Taylor to give Yorkshire the County Championship title.
» AUDIO: Academy works wonders at Worcester
Worcestershire president John Elliott says that the success of the club's Academy operation is a major factor behind their onfield success.
» AUDIO: Durham's Aaron ready to strike
Durham bowler Varun Aaron says he can be the strike bowler to replace John Hastings for the remainder of the season.
» VIDEO: No guarantees over captaincy - Cook
Alastair Cook admits he has not been given any assurances about his future as captain by England's selectors.
» VIDEO: The Analyst: The art of death bowling
Analyst Simon Hughes explains the art of 'death' bowling in one day international cricket and how England must master the skill.
» VIDEO: Cricket World Cup tours Scotland
The ICC Cricket World Cup trophy tours Scotland with some of the players who will be vying for a place in the team to travel to New Zealand and Australia next year.
» AUDIO: Lewis praise for 'fantastic' Durham
Head coach Jon Lewis tells BBC Newcastle Durham's One-Day Cup quarter-final victory over Yorkshire was a "fantastic" performance.
» VIDEO: BBC Sport's A-Z of summer: Part one
Watch part one of BBC Sport's A-Z of summer 2014, featuring James Rodriguez's magical World Cup and Rory McIlroy's back-to-back major victories.
» AUDIO: Strong England key to counties - Rhodes
Worcestershire director of cricket Steve Rhodes tells BBC Hereford and Worcester a successful England side is vital to the county game.
» 'We still find a way to play pranks'
Ex-housemates Joe Root and Gary Ballance on takeaways, practical jokes, tabloid scandals and England's summer.
» Boycott: England, Tests & the Ashes
Geoffrey Boycott on England's World Cup chances, the Ashes, Test cricket and one question to which he has no answer.
» Can Indian football take on cricket?
Football in India hopes it is at the start of a new dawn with the launch of the high-profile Indian Super League.
» Where are England going wrong?
Simon Hughes analyses how England can dominate in Test cricket but struggle against the same opposition in one-dayers.
» England 'must review Cook ODI role'
Alastair Cook's priority should be captaining England to Ashes success in 2015, says BBC correspondent Jonathan Agnew.
» County ins & outs
With the 2014 season nearing its close, keep up to date with the latest signings, departures and rumours.
» Pakistan name Afridi as T20 captain
Shahid Afridi is reappointed as Pakistan's Twenty20 captain - three years after he was sacked from the role.
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